About Us


Welcome to the ERFA company website, we are an organisation providing practical, flexible First Aid, Health and Safety training and support services.

We take our work seriously, but firmly believe that our success to date has been because we deliver our training with a relaxed, practical and fun approach and ensuring that our support services are provided with the focus to empower organisations to be able to develop and manage their Health and Safety Management & Arrangements in house and not to create a dependence on a third party.

We believe in delivering what our customers need and we can tailor our training to provide the best learning experience for the individual. We can develop courses specifically to meet your needs and we have developed a number of these courses and services that may already cover the areas that you require.

We have a number of trainers across the country from a number of professional backgrounds including:

  • Health Care Professionals such as Nurses and Paramedics
  • Health and Safety Practioners
  • Fire Officers
  • Catering and Hospitality Specialists
  • Educational Specialists


ERFA Policies

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